With more discerning South Africans discovering the secret pleasures of owning a home in France, Marc Goethals offers a bespoke property consultancy service operating solely on behalf of buyers.

With our well-established network of French contacts, we secure those special, sought-after properties for private clients and investors based in South Africa, and manage the purchase from beginning to end on your behalf, eliminating any potential stumbling blocks with language or foreign regulations.

We start by gaining an understanding of your unique circumstances and desires, then set about locating an ideal property in the perfect location, remaining fully dedicated to your needs every step of the way.  Whether you are looking for a property to be occupied by yourselves or as a buy-to-let investment, our exclusive service is tailor-made around your objectives, offering you insight into local infrastructure, amenities, transport links, tourist attractions and any other factors that might be influential to your choice of property.

Bearing in mind that the current market downturn has provided great opportunities for intelligent investors to enter the market on winning terms, we are committed to tough negotiations on your behalf to ensure that your chosen property meets future investment expectations.

Saving you the wasted time of hunting down properties on the internet and exhausting journeying from one red herring to the next, we gain access to your ideal property at the earliest opportunity. We handle the negotiations and paperwork on your behalf, while you dream of how to spend your summers in your new holiday home near Aix-en-Provence or on the Côte d'Azur .

Please note that the properties illustrated above, although representative of the ones we source for our clients, are not necessarily for sale.


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Why Choose us

With our unique network of French contacts, we are able to present you with properties that aren't yet on the estate agents' books or the internet, ensuring that our clients have access to those rare gems.

If you Google "Provence+Property", you are met with an avalanche of 370 000 results, which is a daunting prospect for even the most eager of buyers, not to mention the whole continent to traverse between Cape Town and Cannes.

With a little help from us, that distance can be eliminated. We preview and shortlist suitable properties for you, then use our honed negotiating skills to secure your chosen property at the best possible price.

Drawing on our well-established network of contacts and our intimate knowledge of properties in France, we are perfectly placed to find those exceptional homes that rarely reach the open market. With a strong foothold on both continents, we are in an ideal position to handle all negotiations directly on your behalf, eliminating any language obstacles and readily tackling all issues related to specific French laws and regulations.

We manage the legal process throughout to ensure the completion of a smooth deal right up until the handing over of keys.

We operate with absolute discretion. Identities of clients are never disclosed to the media.

Although we are open to sourcing properties for you in other parts of Europe, Heritage Properties specialises in locating prime properties in the South of France.

When one thinks of the South of France, the Côte d'Azur springs instantly to mind and one imagines relaxing on a beach near Saint-Tropez, Cannes or Antibes.

But from Arles to Aix-en-Provence, Avignon to the Languedoc and the Midi-Pyrénées, the region is, in fact, far richer and more diverse, encompassing snow-topped mountains and idyllic sea resorts, shepherds and yacht captains, cork oaks and palm trees. Whether your preference is an 18th Century Provençal manor house (a "bastide") in the middle of lavender fields, a stone "mas" surrounded by olive trees, or a seaside villa, Heritage Properties has the capacity and regional coverage to find the ideal property for you.

While Provence might conjure the fragrance of oleanders, olives and lavender and thoughts of generous Sunday lunches under the shade of plane trees, the Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the most fascinating areas of Europe.

With the Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Pyrenees Mountains to the south, it has an exceptional Mediterranean climate and an unusually rich wildlife, a spectacular coast, and surprising history. Things to see include mountains, rivers and lakes, ancient cities, villages, thermal springs, abbeys, cathedrals and castles.

Meanwhile, the Midi-Pyrénées, situated in the heart of south-west France, extends from the wooded hills of the Dordogne, in the north, to the great river valleys of the centre and the majestic Pyrenees in the south, with a landscape of ancient towns, villages, castles, Romanesque churches and an inexhaustible history.

Whether you dine in a Relais-Château or in a local inn, the gastronomic excellence of this region is unquestionable, from foie gras, cassoulet and roquefort to local wines such as Fronton, Gaillac, Cahors and Armagnac.

With our intimate knowledge of the area, we will preview and shortlist suitable properties for you, according to your desires and personal tastes, and equip you with the knowledge you require to make a sound decision.

In addition to providing a full and dedicated service to buyers, from searching to signing, we can also offer you advice on architects, builders, interior designers and landscape architects to help you transform and add value to your newly acquired property.

An added advantage of buying a home in the South of France with us is that we can assist with the renovation and/or interior design project. So should clients wish to restore a farmhouse in the Lubéron or a villa in Saint-Tropez, we have an exemplary track record in bringing to life jaw-droppingly elegant European interiors.


Read our F.A.Q

Our desire is to have located your dream property and finalised the purchase within months, but a great deal depends on our clients' specific requirements and wishes. We are acutely aware of the fact that most of our clients are successful, busy people who do not want to waste time. By honing in on exactly what you are looking for in a property, we cut out time wasted in pursuit of vague, ill-defined goals.

In the property business, the speed at which you can act may well be the difference between you securing a dream property or losing out to another buyer. Our small but efficient team cuts out unnecessary stress, wasted time and expense. It is also crucial that your finances are in order so that your financier is ready to move swiftly at the crucial deal-making moment to avoid missing out on the choice properties.

We identify a wide range of residential properties, from classic country homes, castles, farmhouses, wine estates and sites for residential development, to seaside villas or apartments. However we specifically search for buildings of special architectural interest and character.
Although we have good relationships with a range of agents and monitor the open market keenly, we mostly rely on our team's long-standing regional contact base to source properties that are not on the open market.
No, we do not sell property. Unlike estate agents who act in the seller's best interests, we act solely on behalf of our client - the purchaser.
Because of security and privacy issues, agents are often asked to market high-end properties discreetly, so these gems often do not appear on the internet. Sometimes, because of the time it takes to upload details onto the site, a property gets sold before it is listed online. When you imagine how many emails an agent gets per day, you can appreciate that your query doesn't stand a high chance of being prioritised unless it is from a recognised name. It is enormously frustrating when you see a property on a website and phone the agent, only to discover that the property has already been sold.
We do not work for more than one client with the same brief at a time. Ours is an exclusive personalised service and our clients can rest assured that we are operating solely on their behalves.
Although they may seem like your best friend, estate agents are legally obliged to sell their client's property for the highest price possible, on the most favourable possible terms.

Meanwhile most buyers remain woefully unaware of a large percentage of the properties on the market. They only enlist the service of a limited number of estate agencies, so they only get to see the properties that are on the books of those select agencies, limiting their chances of buying the best property available.

Heritage Properties, on the other hand, acts as a single point of contact for our clients. We leave no stone unturned in our search for your dream home. With our team staying in regular contact with all the agents in your desired area and keeping an eye on every relevant property on or off the market, we save you the time and hassle of having to deal with every estate agent in the region.

A nominal registration fee confirms that you are serious about buying a property. We then charge a percentage of the negotiated price once you've successfully acquired the property, as well as a percentage of the amount saved due to our negotiating skills.