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Marc Goethals

Marc Goethals

Marc’s passion for objects spanning the centuries, coupled with his keen sense of colour, texture and light, have always informed his ability to bring interiors to life.

My story, from childhood in Brussels to here, living a more serene type of life on a farm in a beautiful valley close to Johannesburg, has revolved around appreciation of beauty and discernment.

I guess I was born with it and it helped me grow my own personal taste and critical eye, my creativity and, ultimately, my success in service to others.

I started trading antiques during my years at university and, after 6 years of marketing experience with Unilever, I decided to start my own business in 1985.

Nobody would understand why I would trade a brilliant career for the uncertainty of a small antiques business. But that was it: my "brilliant future" all of a sudden was behind me and a "real life" of passion, exciting challenges and meaningful achievements began. I never looked back. There I was, criss-crossing Europe in search of soulful pieces that eventually inspired me to go into reproduction designing and creating my own furniture. Taking on entire projects was the next logical step but I took them because clients I liked asked me to do so.

I was honoured by being featured as one of America’s "Who’s Who of World’s Best Professionals".

But success means nothing without someone to share it with. In my case, it is dedicated and highly trained craftsmen who share the pleasure and pride of their work and, most of all, appreciative clients, that make the difference.

They are looking for indulgences related to their well-being – convivial kitchens or lounges that bring family and friends together, library rooms and beautiful bed- and bathrooms.’ Drawn by the fresh spirit and natural beauty of South Africa, I left Belgium and started operating from Johannesburg in 2003.

I am blessed to have made friends with a few of my clients who taught me things in their respective fields and still give me the pleasure of being around them today.

My start-up, Antiques and Heritage of Europe, attended major exhibitions (Rooms on View, Decorex - Design award for a kitchen in 2014 -, 100% Design). Broad coverage by international décor magazines ensured us wide recognition from both retail and professional clients. I was selected for Conde Nast House & Garden’s “Hot List” – amongst the top 50 movers and shakers of the design world in 2009. I was invited as member of the Institute of Directors for Southern Africa.

My renovation of the farm house where I live now far exceeded my expectations and "I surprise myself everyday" (as in the excellent eponymous book by Alain Willem).

The beauty around me is giving me the sense of purpose and the energy I need, as I would love to take on new projects in North America and Europe again.

It’s about legacy, I believe.

Thoe Mhlanga

Personal Assistant

Thoe is Marc Goethals' Personal Assistant and has studied at the Damelin College in Johannesburg.

Her good communication and problem solving skills, together with her keen eye for detail and appreciation of design, made her the ideal candidate to assist Marc in the multiple tasks of his Interior Design business.

She is a keen runner and has a passion for music.

Point of View

  • The interiors I create are uncluttered and have a "thread" throughout them. Whether classic or modern (or a subtle combination of the two), newly built or renovated, my passion is to bring life to a home and give it a unique character.
  • The natural flow of spaces shouldn’t be interrupted by superfluous details or a slavish devotion to passing fashions.
  • I seek a perfect balance between the architecture and the spatial proportions.
  • My intention is to partner with you to create a refined, comfortable atmosphere where you will find emotional harmony in your very own serene pace. And the more time you spend in the space, even entertaining your family and friends, the more you will appreciate the enduring essence of this approach. It’s about finding your dream and delivering it.

I met with Marc at the factory to view and assess the library unit. The units have been built as per the measurements on the drawings. The quality of the timber and the craftsmanship involved in producing the product is impressive. The kitchen was also inspected and matches the quality of the library units.

Palesa Mogotsi

Palesa Mogotsi

Btech Architecture (UJ)

I am happy with everything. Thank you so much – the kitchen is working very well.

Sheila Campbell

Sheila Campbell

It has been a pleasure dealing with you and the project is going to be a great success. I will definitely refer my future clients to you and would like to work with you again as the level of quality and professionalism you offer is outstanding.



Director | Ntsika Architects

We are very happy with the kitchen.

Adrian Enthoven

Adrian Enthoven